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"Get Your Mind Right"


Who are we

Pain Train Fitness is an elite personal and sport specific training facility. we provide one on one, semi private, and small group training. All training programs for our clients are customized based on there current fitness level and future fitness goals. Our clients and athletes are our number one priority with primary focus on being "results driven". Our experienced trainers take immense pride in their clients indivualized attention building the self-confidence, dedication, accountability, self-discipline and mental toughness it takes to achieve results.  We warmly welcome prospective clients of any age and skill level. whether you're looking to improve your strength, speed, power, agility, mobility, sports specific endurance, or just your overall health. pain train will get you there. 


Baltimore Ravens DT Michael Pierce
Pain Train personal Testimony

Chris Jones, M.D. Orthopedic Surgeon 
Pain Train Personal testimony 

Sue Nelson

Pain Train Personal Testimony

"Fighting Cancer The Pain Train Way"

" The battle started in the Spring of 2009 when doctors from two medical centers confirmed the diagnosis of my Stage 3 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL), with one subtype NHL as aggressive but treatable, and another subtype NHL as slow-growing but non-curable. The fight of my life had begun. The first couple years of powerful chemotherapy was difficult and left me weak and vulnerable. It was at this time our daughter, Macy, returned from living abroad and was distressed to find me in such bad shape. She knew it was time to bring in the reinforcements to help. The minute we walked into Pain Train Fitness and met Rick Razzano, I knew that the war I was in with cancer, was going to positively change in my favor!

Rick worked patiently with me, recognizing my needs and limitations. He designed workouts that targeted my weakest areas first then gradually took things to the next level as tolerated. Rick challenged me to reach unexpected goals and helped me achieve more than I thought was possible. He taught me to fight through the tough times and to never give up. He has not only strengthened my body but also my state of mind. His experience and training are superior to any others in the business. The fight continues but the Pain Train experience has been a game changer for sure. The doctors are amazed

with my success, especially the cardiologist who follows my case. I am forever grateful to Rick and Ellyn Razzano for all they have done and for all the battles they have helped me win along the way. We will never give up"


Michael Pierce
Baltimore Ravens




8007 American Way, Ste B

Daphne, Alabama 36526 




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