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Meet the Trainers


 Rick Razzano knows the world of elite athletics and spent the majority of his life immersed in it. He began his prestigious career in sports and strength and conditioning as a young boy looking up to his NFL father, Rick Razzano Sr. who had a tremendous career playing linebacker for the Cincinnati Bengals. Football was in his blood at a young age; some say it was destiny. Razzano excelled in his craft as both fullback and linebacker. He attributes a lot of his drive, determination, mindset and especially work ethic to his father.

Because of his incredible drive, athletic ability and numerous collegiate offers, he chose to attend University of Mississippi on a full-ride scholarship to show off his undeniable talent and skills as a football player. His prodigious career playing fullback alongside Eli Manning was Razzano's gateway into professional football career. On draft day (2005), Rick got a call from John Gruden (HC, Tampa Bay Buccaneers) saying "[he} just bought a new Cadillac (Auburn RB, Carnell Williams) and that he needed a bodyguard for it. That being said, we are going to take you in the next pick in the draft". 


After playing at such a high level, Rick had acquired a precise understanding and love of personal and athletic training which led him into bringing his passion and drive into his business, Pain Train Fitness, which is considered by many to be a "the powerhouse of all gyms".  Razzano's intensity used on the football field is influenced with the training services he provides to his clients.  He uses the shared competitive nature of his clients to drive the atmosphere of Pain Train Fitness. Razzano not only trains sports specific athletes, but also clients ranging in age from young kids to older adults. Pain Train Fitness is an inclusive gym that strives to train the athlete in everybody.

Rick and his Athletes:
Personal Trainer

 Ellyn Razzano, wife of Rick Razzano, has carved her own path into the personal training industry. As a young woman, Ellyn was a three sport varsity athlete (Cross country, swimming and track) all four years at Heritage High School in Northern VA. Even though collegiate sports was not in the plan long-term, Ellyn decided to take her love for academics and passion for meeting new people to Eastern Kentucky University for undergraduate studies. Not only did her parents, Karen and Stephen, attend EKU 80-84, she was intrigued by the university's program in Occupational Therapy (which is still ranked today as one of the best OT programs in the nation). 


"I love Occupational Therapy because of the professions' creativity and client-centered care that helps individuals get back to his or her activities of daily living that are most meaningful"

Over the course of six years at Eastern Kentucky University, Ellyn has managed to acquire two degrees: (1) Bachelors of Science in Occupational Science and a (2) Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy.  After graduating, she got her dream job working in patient care at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio on the Ortho/Joint and Spine Center Floor. Ellyn's dedication and genuine love for others brought her to Pain Train Fitness in 2020 where she quickly learned the "Pain Train Way" by adopting the mindset; resulting in losing 50 pounds. It was then discovered that personal training ended up being the perfect fit. She now has her own set of personal training clients that have already achieved exceptional results.

"I love personal training not only because I get the joy of working alongside my husband; I get to bring my enthusiasm and knowledge I have learned from Rick to our clients at Pain Train Fitness"

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