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Golf Specific Training

 Tiger Woods changed our century-old view of the professional golfer and set the standard for what the modern day golf professional should be. On top of the world for 683 weeks, he showed us that Golf is a sport, and the Elite golfer is an athlete. He honed his craft off of course in the gym to  set himself apart from the rest of the field.
Fast forward to 2018: The Elite who compete at the highest level, have to train at the highest level. Focusing their workouts on a strong and flexible core to create a full and powerful rotation around a strong and balanced base (your feet). This combination is essential to build a body that will support swing after swing, round after round, to shoot low day after day.
Golf Fitness is not just about being strong. The golf swing is arguably the most difficult movement in all of sport. Every tendon, muscle, and bone move together in a very specific pattern. Building strength and flexibility in the right place is imperative for Injury prevention in young and growing golfers.
At Pain Train Fitness
Our Coaches have seen what it takes to reach the mountain top, and know how to prevent injury along the way.
Our Golf Specific Fitness Programs are best for:
- Players that want to set themselves apart from rest of the field
 - Team Coaches wanting to give your team the advantage at the next tournament
- Swing Coaches working with players who are nursing an injury or have physical limitations keeping them from achieving the positions you want out of their swing
- Parents who want their kids to have the best opportunity possible to succeed

Class Times:

Monday - Thursday 10:30am 6:15pm.

Additional time slots available at request.

Contact us today to book your Kinetic Chain Assessment.

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