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PTF 1 - Group Training

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PTF 1 | Customized Group Training

12-15 people

The Pain Train Fitness (PTF) 1 is our entry level training program for all fitness levels. If you're a stay at home Mom or haven’t worked out in a long time and want to ease back into shape, our body weight / cardio program will get it done. Each class will be 45 minutes long and will begin with a 10 minute dynamic warm up to increase your body's core temperature and prepare it for the workout. Every workout will end with a stretching period to help lengthen your muscles and promote injury prevention and a faster recovery time. 

Each workout will be a timed circuit. 30 seconds of work followed by 30 to 45 seconds of rest. 

The better shape you get in, the less rest in between exercises you will have. This promotes more fat loss along with more calories burned during your workout.

Our Memberships include access to all equipment in the gym. Including: Bands, TRX Systems, Sleds, Ropes, Squat Racks, Free Weights, Cardio Equipment, Physio Balls and much much more.

PTF 1 Sample Workout:

Body weight air squats

Wall sits

Rope slams

Plank hold

200 meter run

Biceps curls

Class Times:

Monday - Thursday 5:30pm 6:15pm.

Additional time slots available at request.

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