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PTF 1 Small Group Training

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PTF 1 | Small Group Customized Training

4-8 people


The ideal small training group is 4 - 8 athletes. Steer clear of facilities with groups of 10 or more 10 trainees and only one strength coach boasting unless the trainer has a solid track record and awesome results.


Here at Pain train fitness our 60 minute training program will get you the results you need in a fun controlled environment. Our highly safe training program will be challenging, but manageable and our goal is for you to feel great about yourself and your workout when you walk out the door. 

As the mornings and evenings get darker, it can be difficult to get yourself motivated. Group training gives you the extra encouragement boost you need to get up and get active while keeping your health and fitness goals in check. 

Check out the other benefits group training can have on your exercise routine. 

MotivationCatchy music, fast-paced moves and an Instructor with a seemingly endless amount of energy – if you’re ever in need of a pick-me-up, group training classes are your best source of motivation. Having other people exercising alongside you can also give you the boost you need to keep moving – nobody likes falling behind, right?

Structure: When you’re working out, having a consistent or well-structured plan in place is a must to see results. Combining group training sessions into your weekly workout routine will give you a structured foundation from which to build strength, lose weight or tone your body.

Accountability:  Just like personal training, group training sessions hold you accountable for turning up and putting 100% effort into your workout.

FunExposure to a fun and social environment is why many people prefer group training to a lone gym session. The variety of exercises you undertake and the camaraderie between your fellow exercise participants makes group training

SupportBoth your trainer and your fellow participants are there to support and assist you throughout your entire sweat session. This support group can be just what you need to power through your workout, push yourself a little bit further and reach your health and fitness goals.



Sample PTF 1 Workout

Our workouts always change so you will never get bored by doing the same workout twice. The more in shape you get the more we amp up the workouts. That’s the only way to increase your fitness level and get better.


Dynamic warm up 8 minutes

4 Sets:
1. Db bench - 3x12
2. Trx pull-ups - 3x12
3. Alternating biceps curls - 3x12
4. Plank hold 45 sec
5. Rope slams - 20
6. Goblet squat - 3x12

End with conditioning
200 meter run x4 reps

Rest as much between as you need to fully recover.
Static stretch at the end of every workout.

Group Times:

Groups available at request.

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