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Sports Specific Training

Every skilled athlete is made up of key ingredients that allow them to be successful in competition. Speed, Agility, Coordination, and Strength.
But every sport requires additional skillsets for an athlete to excel in that sport:
Football requires explosiveness, vision, and teamwork
Baseball and Softball require rotational strength, throwing speed, and excellent hand-eye coordination
Soccer requires endurance, leg strength and excellent eye-foot coordination
Tennis requires rotational strength, lateral agility and excellent footwork
At Pain Train Fitness
Our Coaches tailor each program based on the athlete and the skillset they require to dominate their sport. We offer individual one-on-one training and Group / Team Training for athletes looking to set themselves apart the next time they find themselves on the field, court or rink.
Contact us today to book your Kinetic Chain Assessment or to set a time for your team to get the edge on the rest of your competition!

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