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Small Group Training

Only the Strong Survive

Benefits of Small Group Training

 Competitive environment. You work harder next to someone you see as competition. Now imagine all of your training sessions supercharged by being surrounded by multiple athletes with similar goals and mindsets, each competing to outwork the other. That is an environment conducive to building serious strength and power!

Camaraderie. Every now and again a training session can seem impossible to complete. You feel tired, worn down and struggle to keep your breakfast down. In a one-on-one setting, your racing mind and your trainer are all you have to push you to kick it into high gear and get you through the workout. In the group training setting, you have a bunch of people supporting you, cheering you on and forcing you to get that last rep. It's often said that the last rep can be the "transcendent" rep, completely changing the game for an athlete mentally. 

All individual training can be done in a small group environment while still each having similar, yet customized training sessions

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